poster with a multicolored abstract background, with 'haus of taste' in white font and names of artists playing at the event poster with abstract blue background that says 'This is SAD, Alexa, play despacito' and includes information about seasonal affective disorder, or SAD
poster with the words 'azn eyes' written in large orange text on a black background. 
                There are several purple toned images of my monolidded Asian eyes placed on the page, and the Chinese word for `monolid` written in large white characters vertically 'NUHOC Excelsior 2020' is written on an illustrative background depicting a mountain and a stream.
poster for ICA's show The Visitors. 
                The words The Visitors is written in large white text over a black background poster with abstract red, orange, and green background, 
                with 'Mahler' and 'Symphony no.9' written in large white text, and smaller text describing details of the performance