Desktop Mindfulness

An interactive meditation website, aimed at helping you find peace of mind right from your desk.


Web Development

UX Design


Creator & Developer


April 2019


An immersive web experience created for my Experience and Interaction class. For our final project, the goal was to create a piece of net art that could be experienced on the web. As an avid nature lover, I created a site that plays soothing nature videos and sounds while guiding you through meditation. Part choose-your-own-adventure game, part mindfulness break, Desktop Mindfulness is designed for students and office workers to take a quick break from their busy lives with some calming natural scenery.


I was inspired by The Quiet Place Project to make Desktop Mindfulness completely immersive, in hopes that users can forget about their worries for a few minutes as they use the site. To this end, I made the video full screen and enabled user interactions with JavaScript, so the user truly feels like they are a journey that they can direct.


In December 2020, Desktop Mindfulness was featured in several newsletters with national reach, bringing many more visitors than I had ever planned for to my site. Previously, the site were being served from a remote a storage bucket, but with the large size of the videos and increasing traffic, the costs of storage rose quickly and I had to take down the site temporarily in order to research ways to scale up the site in a sustainable way. I am currently working on refactoring Desktop Mindfulness into a React single-page application, as well as researching ways forward in terms of hosting this site. Stay tuned!