COVID-19 Contact Tracing App

A mobile app that notifies users of possible contact with the COVID-19 virus based on their location data. Designed for my Human-Computer Interaction Class in collaboration with Holly Christensen, CJ Logue, and Sean Kolczynski.


UX Design and Research


UX Designer


September - December 2020


How do we help those in our community feel as safe as possible during the time of COVID-19? This has been the question of the year, and one my team sought to address in our COVID-19 contact tracing app. Over the course of a semester, I worked with my teammates to design an app that would allow Northeastern students to track their COVID-19 status and receive notifications if anyone in their contact circles were to test positive for COVID-19.


To begin our research process, we conducted user interviews with Northeastern students to understand their experiences with currently available systems of COVID status tracking. Based on the insights we gained from these interviews, we began sketching wireframes and identifying primary workflows that users should be able to complete on our app. Throughout the semester, we conducted several more evaluations of our prototype and refined our wireframes from low fidelity to high fidelity.