A secondhand art supply marketplace within your college community. Designed for my Interaction Design 1 class.

two browser windows stacked on top of one another, one showing a row of art supplies to purchase, and another showing a form to upload an item. The word artcycle is written on the top left corner of each window in white over a dark teal abstract wave shape


UX Design | Brand Identity Design


UX Designer


September - December 2020


The idea for this project stemmed from a conversation I had with a friend about art supplies. Despite hating using charcoal in our artwork, we somehow both ended up owning multipacks of charcoal that we were never going to use again, yet couldn't bear to throw away. We'd bought this charcoal, along with other required supplies, for an art class we took freshman year, and used it a few times in class. The charcoal came in packs of several sticks, and most of the package remained untouched. My friend and I were disappointed at how wasteful our art supply buying habits were. Art supplies can be quite expensive, and we'd shelled out in order to do our best work in the class. However, after the class ended, we were left with extra art supplies that we didn't need and didn't want to store.

After our conversation, I couldn't stop thinking that there must be a better way to deal with art supplies at the end of a semester besides hoarding them or getting rid of them. artcycle was created to answer this question: How can we provide college students with a platform to pass gently-used art supplies on to others who need them, in order to save money, reduce waste, and minimize the need to store art supplies in small dorm rooms?